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Social Media Marketing: The Ultimate Guide

Unlock the Power of Social Media Marketing: Explore Insights, Tips, and Strategies through our Engaging Blogs


What Is Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is one of the best tool of digital marketing. It uses the social media platforms and websites as marketing tools. It is very powerful marketing tool. In 21st century, where all people are busy in their day to day work routine, use the social media platforms to interact with each other either their friends or relatives. It become the vast communication medium between us. 95% people visit the social media platforms on daily basis to share their emotions, feelings and thoughts. Now most of entrepreneur uses the social media platforms like facebook, instagram, twitter, youtube, LinkedIn to promote their products and services.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing :

Increase the brand awareness

Boost website traffic

Faster and easier content distribution

Regular interaction with target audience

Industry and competitor insights

Increase the sales graph

Increase the brand awareness :

70% of users search their needs on social media platform. So, a brand should have a high quality account on different social media platforms to take the advantage of customer’s social media interests. In this way, potential customer can reach the brand on their favourite platform. And if the customer is satisfied with the services provided by company through social media, they are happy to recommend the brand to other users also.

Boost website traffic :

Although social media platforms allow the brand to sell their products and services without going to an external website or landing page, social media is still a great way to boost the traffic on their website. For example, brand can the run the multiple types of ads like awareness ads, lead generation ads on facebook through which they can directly drive the traffic on their website.

Faster and easier content distribution :

If any brand wants to create the brand or product awareness among their customers, then they need to share their effective content on various social media platform. Because people always share the useful, exciting and entertaining content with their friends on social media platforms. SMM is the great way to inform your customer about their special offers during the sales period.

Regular interaction with target audience :

Due to more than half of the total world’s population uses the various social media network almost 3-4 hours on a daily basis, SMM is the best way to interact with the audience. A brand should have posted their creative on a daily basis to reach their target audience. Audience has a option to like, comment and share their content if they like it. It is also used to take the feedback from their customers available on social media network about their products and services.

Industry and competitor insights :

Social media marketing give you a great opportunity to monitor not only your customer satisfaction but also the latest industry trends and your competitor activities. By obtaining the data from your competitor, you get the inspiration to improve your product and marketing strategies.

Social Media Marketing Goals :

Community engagement increase

Sales and lead generation

Customer retention

Drive website traffic

Target audience growth

Handling negative feedback

Competitor and industry trend monitoring

Increase the brand awareness

Customer demand research

Top 5 social media sites and platforms :






Facebook :

Facebook is most commonly platform used by the brand to create the awareness of their product and services. They post their creative, reels and stories on a daily basis. Moreover, if they want to drive action from their audience, Facebook Ads are a great way to do it. Find on us Facebook

Instagram :

Instagram is social network where product-based businesses, influencers and coaches can thrive. It allow the user to share your post, video and stories with the friends and followers you care about. Find on us Instagram

YouTube :

YouTube is most commonly social media platform used by brand to share their content in video format. To share their content in video format in any platform, firstly every brand need to create an account on YouTube. YouTube has a strong user base across all age groups.

LinkedIn :

LinkedIn is a professional network platform. The mission of LinkedIn is to connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful. LinkedIn is a very focused social media platform, and because of that, it has unlimited potential for connecting with an elite group of professionals.

Twitter :

Twitter is a microblogging and social network platform on which users post and interact with message Known as “Tweet”. Unlike the other social media marketing platforms, Twitter saw a decrease in the number of users in the past years. In shorts, there are lots of tools comes under the category of social media marketing through which a brand can create the market for their products and services.

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